BIRDIE (Feature)


Writer   Russell Noon

In the aftermath of the pandemic an elderly man, Pat, struggles to care for his wife, Judy, as she battles with Alzheimer’s. Still fearful of care facilities, and wanting to uphold his promise to keep her at home, Pat does everything he can to try and keep his wife safe and comfortable as her mind slowly begins to deteriorate. 

Next door, Kelly (25), finds herself in the midst of an abusive marriage. Unwilling to give up on her husband, Wayne, or let go of the love they once shared, she fights every day in the hope that things might eventually get better. 

As the situation in each household deteriorates, Pat and Kelly’s world’s collide and they are forced to acknowledge each other’s plights. Their friendship slowly begins to grow and they become increasingly dependent on one-another, but as their lives continue to intertwine they each find themselves paying the price for the others inability to do what needs to be done.

Birdie is a truthful and honest story told from the perspective of two people desperately trying to battle through the types of trauma that will inevitably be felt by many across the world in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.